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By Masao Abe

"This e-book is set the principal rules of an important Buddhist spokesman in eastern background and is written through probably the most revered and authoritative of his interpreters. It displays a life of an expert and concerted puzzling over Dogen." -- Francis H. cook dinner, collage of California, Riverside

"It is a really amazing contribution to Dogen scholarship in addition to East-West comparative philosophy through essentially the most wonderful smooth eastern thinkers of our time. This makes for a strong and really illuminating volume." -- Steve Odin, collage of Hawaii

This whole translation of Masao Abe's essays on Dogen probes the center of the Zen master's philosophy and faith. This paintings analyzes Dogen's formative doubt about the concept of unique awakening because the foundation for his new angle to nonduality within the doctrines of the oneness of perform and attainment, the cohesion of beings and Buddha-nature, the simultaneity of time and eternity, and the id of existence and dying. Abe additionally deals insightful, severe comparisons of Dogen and numerous Buddhist and Western thinkers, in particular Shinran and Heidegger.

"This is a crystal-clear dealing with of tremendous tricky material. The analyses are refined and even as lucid. the writer has a profound and fantastic figuring out of Dogen and Shinran and is additionally well-grounded in Western philosophy and religion." -- Joan Stambaugh, Hunter collage

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In Dogen, a reciprocal passage or transmission at the horizontal size is not possible and not using a passage or transmission at the vertical measurement. for every passage or transmission in the mode of earlier, current, and destiny extends infinitely downward alongside the vertical measurement to arrive the bottomless intensity of absolute nothingness that exhibits passagelessness or nontransmission. A passage from at the present time to this present day is passageless, and a transmission from destiny to destiny is a nontransmission. This passagelessness or nontransmission at the vertical size makes a reciprocal passage or transmission at the horizontal size attainable. A correct transmission among a buddha and a buddha is a transmission of nontransmission. a real passage among earlier (yesterday), current (today), and destiny (tomorrow) is a passageless-passage. A reciprocal courting among previous, current, and destiny is feasible purely by way of advantage of this passageless-passage or transmission of nontransmission (fuden no den). for this reason Dogen states that "u/7 (beingtime) has the advantage of passageless-passage. " For Dogen this passageless-passage is learned by means of the real Self who has damaged via time and area and has get rid of body-mind. In Heidegger, we will be able to see a reciprocal courting among prior, current, and destiny at the horizontal size, yet we don't see an akin to Dogen's suggestion of a passage—for instance, from prior to past—within every one particular mode of earlier, current, and destiny alongside the vertical size. we're advised that "true time is 4-dimensional" one hundred and one and that precise time itself is the prespatial quarter (die vorriinmliclw Or/vthu//)104 that first supplies any attainable "where. " those notions, notwithstanding, don't imply the assumption of passagelessness or nontransmission that's discovered simply within the bottomless intensity of the vertical size or in absolute nothingness. as an alternative, for Heidegger, precise time, that's 4-dimensional and within the prespatial quarter, is none except Ereignis (Appropriation), that is the "It" in "It provides Being" and "It provides time. " additionally, this involves one other distinction of their figuring out of time. Dogen's inspiration of passageless-passage doesn't unavoidably exclude flying previous or passing away. It doesn't easily negate yet really comprises the irreversibility of time. Passageless-passage embraces either the flying away and the tracing again to the beginning of time. moreover, at the foundation of passageless-passage, which includes the passing-without-passage from this present day to this day, the modes of time are discovered not just as reciprocal but additionally as reversible. This reversibility of time is learned to incorporate the irreversibility of time absolutely from the bottomless intensity of the vertical size. In Dogen's idea of uji (being-time), this entire interpenetration of every second of time with out trouble is simply one other element of the entire interpenetration of every being with out crisis. On t h e o t h e r h a n d , in Heidegger's n o t i o n of Ereignis (Appropriation), earlier, current, and destiny belong jointly through "the 3 interplaying methods of giving," one zero five and hence reciprocity of time is absolutely discovered, yet reversibility of time isn't really truly grasped.

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