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By John Blofeld

She is the embodiment of selfless love, the excellent image of radical compassion, and, for greater than a millennium all through Asia, she has been respected as “The one that Hearkens to the Cries of the World.” Kuan Yin is either a Buddhist image and a cherished deity of chinese language people faith. John Blofeld’s vintage examine lines the heritage of this most famed of all of the bodhisattvas from her origins in India (as the male determine Avalokiteshvara) to Tibet, China, and past, alongside the way in which highlighting her shut connection to different figures similar to Tara and Amitabha. The account is filled with captivating tales of Blofeld’s encounters with Kuan Yin’s devotees in the course of his trips in China. The publication additionally includes meditation and visualization concepts linked to the Bodhisattva of Compassion, and translations of poems and yogic texts dedicated to her.

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