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By Mircea Eliade

In this landmark booklet the well known student of faith Mircea Eliade lays the basis for a Western figuring out of Yoga, exploring how its tenet, that of freedom, includes ultimate on this planet with out letting oneself be exhausted by means of such "conditionings" as time and historical past. Drawing on years of research and event in India, Eliade offers a accomplished survey of Yoga in idea and perform from its earliest foreshadowings within the Vedas throughout the 20th century. the topics mentioned comprise Patañjali, writer of the Yoga-sutras; yogic suggestions, comparable to focus "on a unmarried Point," postures, and respiration self-discipline; and Yoga on the subject of Brahmanism, Buddhism, Tantrism, Oriental alchemy, mystical erotism, and shamanism.

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E ninety seven Cf. E. W. Hopkins, "Yoga-Technique within the nice Epic," magazine of the yankee Oriental Society, XXII ( 1 901 ) , 379. 1 29 "YO GA : 1M MORTALITY A N D FREEDOM of the retention of sem en there'll be generated an agreeable the physique o f the yogin" ( fifty nine f. ) . ninety eight The definition of pratyahiira is sornev. r]ut di ffere nt from that given i n the Yoga­ siltras: com pl ete ly taking flight the feel organs from [s e ns ory] gadgets in the course of- suspeasion of breathing" ( sixty eight ) . an extended hst of siddkis ( occult powers ) s hows that this Upani�ad was once compo s e d in a m agical mil ieu ; between thos e pointed out are "clairaudience, clairvoyance, transp ortati o n throughout enormous distances very quickly, yogic vocal powers, y ogic energy of reworking one's self into any shape des ired, yo gicrnethod of creating oneself invisible and the po w er of transmuting iron and different baser metals into gold by way of smearing w i th the yogin's urme and excreta" ( seventy three f. ) . This l ast szddhi sincerely exhibits the genuine connection among a undeniable type of Yoga and alchemy-a. connection to which we will have occa­ sion to come back. T�ogatattva Upmi:>,�d sets_fo! :�h . a richer my s tical body structure than therog:a::sutnis:'i"h. e "five parts'-; o(the physique- co. rrespond to th�fi""Vecosrruc-�eJ:lts ( earth, water, fireplace, wind, ether ) , and every point correspo11ds to a selected mystical syllable and a specific dkara1Ji'i, cross. ,erned by means of a god; by means of appearing the ap­ propriate meditation, the yogin turns into grasp of the corre­ sponding aspect. the strategy is as follows ( eighty five f. ) : "From the foot directly to the knee is s relief to be the quarter of Prthivi [the earth] . P rth ivi ninety nine is quadrilater al, is of yellow color, and of the nature of the sy lla bl e larrt . a hundred lfav-ing fo rced within the very important air within the quarter of Prthivi, in addition to the lakara or the syllable la'f(l, med itat in g at the four-faced Brahrna with. the 4 hands and of the color of gold, the yogin should still carry the "Vit al air for 5 ghatzkiis. one hundred and one through doing so he'll reach the conques t of Prth1vi. From the Prthivi-yoga there'll be no demise for -the yo gin . the magical syllable corre­ sponding to the aspect apas (water ) is va'f(l, and the dharar;. ii ninety eight This and the followmg translations from yogic Upani�ads are taken from lT. R. _ Srinjyl! sa Ayyang�r's vers10� within the Yoga Upani�ads, ed. G. Srimvasa odor in " " Murtl. at times, the 'translatwns were a bit transformed. ninety nine I . e. , its tconographic illl age. 1 00 I. e. , 1ts mantra ts laT{!. 1 01 hours. I SO m. Yoga and Brahmanism needs to be focused within the zone extending from the knees to t:he rect 11m. If the yogin realizes this dhara? J. a, he want not worry dea ih through water. ( a few resources upload that, after th1s meditation, the yogi n is ready to drift on water. ) For the aspect agni ( fireplace ) the corresponding syllable is rarrt and the corresponding quarter that v. rhich e:::xtends from the rectum to the center; via understanding dhara? J. ii the following, th € :yogm turns into incombustible.

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